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The control authority of type C “CRANES AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT” is authorized according to BSS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005 by Bulgarian authorizing agency.
The control authority uses up-to-date quality system that guarantees the needed precision, reliability, confidentiality and tracing of the results.
All tests and measurements are done according to the requirements of the Bulgarian state standards with technical control means, calibrated by the defined system.
Protocols and certificates are issued on the base of the control results.
The control authority of type C “CRANES AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT” performs control of:

  • Lifting outfits / equipments:

    • Load - lifting overhead and rope type cranes;
    • load - lifting electric crabs, moving on overhead rail tracks;
    • electric hoists;
    • load - grasping units;
    • load - lifting jib type cranes;
    • escavators for work with hook, grabs or electromagnet;
    • load - grasping gears, hanging on the load - lifting hook.
  • Crane tracks.

  • Electric hoists with universal application.

  • Hand load - lifting pulleys.

  • Mobile working platforms.

  • Building load – passenger gigs.

  • Building machines.

  • Electric outfits and equipments with voltage up to 1000 V:

    • insulation strength;

    • impedance Zs of the outline “phase – protective conductor”;

    • strength of the protectivå lightning installations.

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