“Kranostroene Engineering” EOOD is a company with over 50 years of experience and traditions in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment.

Design, manufacture and installation of lifting equipment

Modernization of existing lifting equipment

Subscription support and service

Our engineering team presents both conceptual and final projects of load lifting equipment. The scope of our project activity includes special – metallurgical, grabbing and stacking cranes, as well as general purpose industrial cranes, which are used in various fields of industry, energy, warehousing, repair activities and more.

The control body of type C to "Kranostroene-Engineering" EOOD has the following approved scope of control activities:
Type of accreditation scope: flexible



Performs modernization of the crane mechanisms in order to ensure low and stable working speeds in the range (0.1 – 0.5) Vn and smoothness of the starting and braking processes. The relay-contactor equipment used in the electrical equipment of the cranes is produced by the companies Ganz KK, ABB and Telemecanique.

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