Procedure for selection of a contractor

Kranostroene -engineering EOOD in the capacity of a beneficiary under a Grant Agreement: № BG16RFOP002-2.001-1023-C01 announces a procedure “selection by public invitation” for selection of a contractor under the procedure of European Structural and Investment Funds Management Act (ESIFMA) with the following subject


“Supply and commissioning of specialized equipment under a grant contract BG16RFOP002-2.001-1023-C01” with the following separate lots:

  • Separate lot 1 “Delivery, installation and commissioning of Multistation”;
  • Separate lot 2 “Delivery, installation and commissioning of Multifunctional warehouse manipulator”;
  • Separate lot 3 “Delivery, installation and commissioning of Auto-aerial platform”;
  • Separate lot 4 “Delivery, installation and commissioning of Pedestrian electrical forklift truck”.


Deadline for submission of bids is 5 pm on 15.07.2016 at the address Sofia, Serdika district,  12a Probuda Street


Procedure documentation:

  1. Public invitation under Art. 51 of ESIFMA
  2. Offer for participation in the procedure “selection by public invitation” under Article 50, paragraph 1 of ESIFMA
  3. Methodology for evaluation of offers
  4. Requirements to the offers from PMS №118 / 20.05.2014
  5. Declaration of the candidate under art. 53, para. 2 of ESIFMA
  6. Technical specification of the specialized equipment
  7. Delivery contract

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