Kranostroene Engineering moved to a new building

Kranostroene Engineering Ltd moved to a new three-story administrative building and a new industrial hall. The hall is divided into two areas – one-story and two-story.

The industrial unit for the production of metal structures is located in the one-story part and is equipped with two bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of Q=5t each and the possibility of working in tandem, a guillotine for sheet material up to 12 mm, a gas cutting machine with the possibility of working on details of length up to 12.0 m, width up to 3.5 m and thickness up to 150.0 mm, gantry welding robot capable of working on parts up to 30.0 m long, height up to H=2.0 m, and width B= 1.8 m, inventory welding machines with CO2.

A multifunctional warehouse manipulator with load capacity Q=6 t, lifting height H=6 m and fork extension up to 1.0 m supports work, both in the industrial unit  and outside.

Inside the two-story part houses the office for the head of the workshop, the dressing room and bathroom for the staff, and an electrical unit – for the production of electrical panels, a storage room for electrical materials. The electrical workshop is equipped with a manual electric car lifter with a load capacity of Q=1.2 t and a lifting height of H=6.5 m.

In the administrative building on three floors are located the offices of the manager of the company, of the sales and management department, the economic and accounting department, as well as the Control Authority of type “C”. One floor is dedicated to the structural departments – mechanical and electrical.

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