Completed disassembly of a crane with a load capacity of 125 t into a working power unit

A team under the leadership of “Kranostroene Engineering” Ltd successfully completed the complex, gentle dismantling of the Two Girder Bridge Crane” with a load capacity of Q=125t with Lk of 42.0 m located at an elevation of 29.5 in the Machine Hall of Block 5 of the “Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant”,  Kozloduy.

The crane disassembly project was developed by the engineers of “Kranostroene Engineering” Ltd in the city of Sofia, using innovative technical solutions.

In connection with the modernization of unit 5 of Kozloduy NPP, Kozloduy, it is necessary to replace the stator of the generator in the machine room. This operation cannot be performed by the two available bridge cranes with load capacities Q=220t and Q=125t. This necessitates the replacement of the existing double girder overhead crane with a lifting capacity of Q=125t with a new double girder overhead crane with a lifting capacity of Q=160t

“Kranostroene Engineering” and “Bullmachinery” teamed up for this complex task and fought off the competition to make it happen.

The disassebly was carried out with the help of two mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 220 t and the teams of “Kranostroene Engineering” EOOD, “Atomenergoremont AD”, “Izotech Group EAD”, “Felbermayr Bulgaria Ltd”, “Bulmachinery Enterprises” Ltd and others with a working power unit.

We thank our partners Kozloduy NPP AD, Atomenergoremont AD, Izotech Group EAD, Felbermayr Bulgaria Ltd, Bullmachinery Enterprises Ltd and others for the assistance provided in the implementation of this complex task!

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