Launching Gantry ASPEM 140/45 modernization

“Kranostroene Engineering” successfully completed the reconstruction and modernization of “Launching Gantry ASPEM 140/45”, according to the contract with “Pathinvest Engineering” AD, Sofia.

The overhead launching gantry cranes a specialized lifting and transporting machine for bridge construction. It is intended for the installation of elements of the superstructure of road bridge facilities. The maximum weight of the mounting element lifted by the two lifting trolleys is 120 tons, and the maximum distance between two adjacent crossways of the crane-farm is 45 meters. The “ASPEM” crane can also place beams in curved bridges and overcome slopes of up to 6%.

The crane was designed to work with pre-formed reinforced concrete beams weighing up to 140t. After years of operation and being in a storage farm, the resource of the crane farm has been reduced. This requires checking the current condition of the metal structure, as well as checking the bearing capacity of the crane truss. Technical solutions for electrical equipment and automation have also been implemented.

The main objectives of the reconstruction were:
•Increasing the reliability of the facility.
•Increasing the productivity of the facility.
•Increasing safety when working with the facility.
• Reduction of operating costs of the facility.


Modern methods, technologies and approaches were used to realize this complex task.

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