About us


The company was established in 1964 as a state enterprise in order to design and provide production documentation for all crane-production plants in the country. In 1997 has been privatized as EOOD, as it is now. Gradually “KRANOSTROENE-ENGINEERING” EOOD creates and develops production facilities and begins to produce products according to its own documentation. In 2017 the company moved to the newly built three-storey administrative building and production building with 800 m2 of working area.


Our mission is to meet all specific requirements of the customers when they need lifting equipment. We accept the challenge to think and solve non-standard tasks. We strive to serve our customers with quality and speed.


Our vision for the future is to follow the world experience in our field and to apply the latest and innovative technical solutions. This is especially true for automation and control of the load-lifting equipment, where the global trend is to increase the efficiency and to reduce the energy consumption of mechanisms. That is why we widely apply modern recuperative frequency controls and LED lighting fixtures that reduce the consumption of electrical power. The most modern control and protection equipment used by us helps to increase the reliability and reduce the time for repair of our facilities.


In its work for 40 years the company has proven itself on many sites both in Bulgaria and abroad: Kozloduy NPP, ZTM – Radomir, ZTM – Ruse, port of Varna, Neftochim – Burgas, as well as in Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Cuba, Syria, etc.

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