Services, commercial activity and service

“Kranostroene engineering” EOOD performs subscription maintenance for the whole country of all types of load-lifting cranes, crane tracks, electric hoists, mobile work platforms, loading and passenger elevators, etc.

The subscription maintenance, including monthly inspections and inspections of the facility by qualified specialists.

Service and repairs
/ running and emergency /

Delivery and sale of modules and spare parts for load-lifting equipment.

Tests and control of the appliance by a Control body of type C

Commercial activity

“KRANOSTROENE ENGINEERING” EOOD offers a wide range of crane equipment and is the exclusive distributor in Bulgaria for the products of AKAPP-STEMMANN-Netherlands, ITOWA-Spain, GALVI – Italy, TELECRANE-Taiwan.


Kranostroene Engineering EOOD is a representative and distributor for Bulgaria and the region of the Italian company GALVI. GALVI designs and manufactures brake pulleys, disc brakes, emergency brakes, pushers and buffers, which are commonly used as safety components for lifting equipment.


ITOWA is a leading European company for the design and manufacture of various types and models of radio controls, crane scales, load limiters, anemometers and other equipment for all types of load-lifting machines. The company is represented in over 40 countries by leading companies operating in various fields.


Our proven partner in the production and supply of industrial remote controls.


Kranostroene engineering EOOD is a representative and distributor for Bulgaria and the region of the company AKAPP - manufacturer and our reliable supplier of power systems and festoon type systems.


The company is certified as an official representative of STAHL CraneSystems GmbH in Bulgaria for explosion-proof cranes and has the right to sell STAHL products in Russia, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kosovo.

Service for repair of bridge cranes

Continuous operation of load-lifting equipment can lead to occurrence of malfunctions even in the most reliably designed cranes, which can lead to costly interruptions to your daily activities. Our specialized team for repair and service of load-lifting and transport equipment can help you solve all problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our crane repair and service capabilities cover the prevention and elimination of mechanical and electrical damages, which means that whatever problem you have – our crane repair experts can help you.

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