Subscription maintenance

“KRANOSTROENE-ENGINEERING” EOOD performs subscription maintenance for the whole country of all types of load-lifting cranes, crane tracks, electric hoists, mobile work platforms, loading and passenger elevators, etc., according to the requirements of the Ordinance on safe operation and technical supervision of lifting equipment (Prom. SG. iss. 73 of 17 September 2010, amend. and supl. SG. iss. 10 of 5 February 2021). All activities for subscription maintenance and service are performed by qualified specialists on site at the client or in the modern repair and production base of the company.

The subscription maintenance includes performing of functional inspections of the facilities, according to Appendix № 4 to Art. 53, para. 3 of the Ordinance on the safe operation and technical supervision of lifting equipment and the maintenance of the lifting equipment in a condition that ensures their safe operation.

“KRANOSTROENE-ENGINEERING” EOOD is entered in the register of the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision
(reg. № 264/24.09.2007) as an entity that performs maintenance, repair and reconstruction of bridge, gantry, tower cranes and railways to them, jib cranes mounted on vehicles or on self-propelled or non-self-propelled chassis and construction loading and passenger elevators. From year 2019 the company has a license to perform the described above activities and for hanging baskets for lifting people and mobile work platforms
(reg. № C 899/24.01.2019).

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